Company Information

Greetings from the Company President

Since our founding in 1966 as a manufacturer of residential and industrial air conditioners, we have focused on cooling and heating as our core technologies. At present, we design and manufacture air conditioning system products for commercial vehicles and industrial and residential applications.

Based on our corporate mission “meeting every need, even if small, of society through thermal technology,” we take on challenges through collaboration to achieve monozukuri (manufacturing) that meets the needs of the times and contributes to environmental innovation and improvement, such as electrification of vehicles and carbon neutrality, in line with social changes and growing environmental awareness.
To this end, we leverage cutting-edge technologies of the DENSO Group. We will continue to make progress through the unceasing unified efforts of more than 600 employees to develop their own skills.

Surrounded by the rich natural environment of Azumino and well accepted by the local community, we remain committed to growing with employees and offering products that help improve the environment of customers.

We would appreciate your continued support.