Company Information

Greetings from the Company President

We started production of room air conditioners in 1966. Since then, we have worked to create comfortable living environments and pursue the potential of cooling and heating technologies.

The scope of our business has expanded to air conditioners for commercial vehicles, such as buses, off-highway vehicles, and truck refrigerators; and residential central air conditioning systems, spot air conditioners for factories and offices, and IT cooling devices. We have achieved continuous growth as a core company of the DENSO Group.

We remain committed to our corporate mission to “meet every need, even if small, of society through thermal technology” in order to develop technologies to provide better products to customers who need thermal solutions, and promote manufacturing based on our strengths in high-mix low-volume production.

We try our best to became a world-class company from here in Azumino, which the world sympathizes with and trusts as a indispensable company with excellent staff.

We appreciate your continued patronage and support.