Company Information

Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to human happiness by pursuing the Five Joys while valuing nature and people.

Business Policy

  • 1.Create values that make our customers happy.
  • 2.Pioneer change with full employee participation in order to develop as a member of the DENSO Group.
  • 3.Coexist in the community through corporate activities that generate positive social response.
  • 4.Train employees to become indispensable in order to become an indispensable company.

Employee Actions

We shall pursue the Five Joys:

  • 1.The joy of contributing to the society.
  • 2.The joy of being trusted by our customers.
  • 3.The joy of engaging in research and creation.
  • 4.The joy of growing as human beings.
  • 5.The joy of working together in cooperation.

Corporate Stance

A Spirit of Moving Forward Together

DENSO AIRCOOL has been utilizing its unique technology in order to provide a large number of epoch-making air conditioners. Air conditioning does not simply change the temperature of the air, but it also makes the atmosphere around us comfortable.
In that way, you could say that in our current lives, air conditioner has shifted from being an accessory to being a necessity. Because people are always looking for a comfortable environment, DENSO AIRCOOL is here to provide such environments.
The same approach also applies to our car air conditioners, which make up the primary business of DENSO AIRCOOL. Therefore, we are extremely proud of the fact that DENSO is playing its part as a world-leading automotive component manufacturer, and creating a comfortable car life experience under the DENSO Group is one of our joys.
In an era of consolidated management, we at DENSO AIRCOOL would like to broaden our duties in the following way. We would like to change our role from being one in which we simply produce air conditioners (and related components) to a role in which we participate in business as a group, by developing and providing our own new products. This will greatly expand our group. In order to obtain this goal, we have been making efforts to renew our company as an “indispensable company” that employs many “indispensable people” in order to allow us to take charge of the entire product creation process, from development to production. DENSO AIRCOOL is a company that does not neglect the spirit of moving forward together with our community, our friends, and the global environment.

A Company That Lives Together with the Community

A Company That Lives Together with the Community In an environment in which there is an abundance of nature, in a place called “Shinshu”, DENSO AIRCOOL has progressed as a company that is close to its local environment. Even in the future, we will continue to use Azumino as our base. As the leading company in the region, we would like to continue contributing to the development of the region while taking care of the nature and the people around us. In the area near our Hotaka plant, in an area with an open feel, there are ponds and small streams in which you will find fish swimming.

Quality Assurance

Attention to Quality

With the intention of “wanting to see our customers satisfied”, we provide products that create comfortable environments. While always keeping product quality in mind, all our staff members put themselves in the shoes of a user of our products and ask themselves “Would I be satisfied with this?” With this in mind, all our employees remain committed to the quality policy below.

Quality Policy

DENSO AIRCOOL Quality Policy

  • To gain public trust, become an inspiring company, and contribute to the well-being of people, we comply with laws and regulations and take actions based on our internal rules.
  • To offer products and services that satisfy customers with top priority placed on safety and security, we identify risks in the entire process from planning, design, and manufacture of products to the end of product lifecycle, and build quality into all our products.
  • To underpin the company’s growth, we maintain a quality management system, review its effectiveness, and promote kaizen on an ongoing basis.
  • We set quality targets based on the company policy; to attain the targets, all employees consider how best to take actions on their own initiative with a sense of ownership.


Revised on January 26, 2024

Accommodation of Global Quality

DENSO AIRCOOL, in compliance with global quality management system standards, has acquired the IATF16949 certification, which is a quality system standard of the automotive industry that is related to automobile-related products, and the ISO9001 certification, which is related to other types of components.
We aim to improve the satisfaction of our customers by constantly going through the PDCA method in order to verify the effectiveness of our system and to continuously make improvements, in order for all of our employees to have an understanding of our quality management system and to strengthen our corporate culture.

品質のこだわり 品質のこだわり

Research and Development

Networking Reliable Technology

DENSO AIRCOOL is engaged in research and development through the network with the head office of DENSO in order to make the most of the technologies of the DENSO Group. Concurrently, DENSO AIRCOOL constantly strives to improve its unique technologies and “make the impossible come true." DENSO AIRCOOL is committed to meeting customer needs by leveraging these technologies.
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