Residential and Industrial Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioning System

Central Air Conditioner Smart・Airs

Creates a comfortable air environment in which you can live healthily throughout the entire year, by suppressing temperature gradients within your home in order to prevent heat shock in the winter.
Because you can separately control the temperature for each floor, you can reduce energy waste and your heating and cooling bills.

  • ◆Spring...Creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere indoors, even when your windows are closed.
  • ◆Rainy season...Operates as a cooler and dehumidifier to remove humidity in order to provide a pleasant environment.
  • ◆Summer...Your entire house is cooled and provided a pleasant environment that will allow you to sleep well, even on sultry summer nights.
  • ◆Autumn...Provides a pleasant environment in which there are few temperature gradients due to the time of day.
  • ◆Winter...You can always wake up feeling refreshed in a room that has been set to an appropriate temperature. Your shower room and restroom are kept warm, which reduces discomfort resulting from heat shock.

Spot Air Conditioner

Spot Cooler(INSPAC)

This is a spot cooler that can be used in places in which it is difficult to cool the entire area, such as in large factories, line work, openings of warehouses, and golf driving ranges.
These spot coolers are capable of performing concentrated cooling only at required spots at which there are people working, so they are economical.
With the direct floor-staging model that can be moved on casters, the place at which the cooler is installed can be changed easily, providing a cooled environment on the day the unit is installed.
We also provide space-saving, hanging-type coolers.

IT Cooling Device

Energy-saving Air Conditioner for Power Conditioner

This device cools power conditioners used at solar power generation facilities and other similar facilities. In response to the need to reduce the power used for in-office air conditioner, the “hybrid power conditioner cooler” incorporates a thermosiphon HEX in order to drastically reduce energy consumption.

2013 Environment Minister's Aword for Global Warming Prevention Activity [Field of R&D and Commercialization]