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Spot Air Conditioner

Spot Cooler(INSPAC)

Spot coolers are used in places difficult to cool the entire area such as in large factories, line work, openings of warehouses, and golf driving ranges.
These spot coolers focus cool air exactly where it is needed to keep workers cool, so they are economical.
Our floor AC units can go where they are need on casters and provide instant cooling from the day units are installed.
We also provide space-saving, ceiling-mounted coolers.

Spot Cooler(INSPAC) Spot Cooler(INSPAC) Spot Cooler(INSPAC)

Far Infrared Ray Heater(ENSEKI)

Far infrared rays have the ability to generate heat energy through the resonance of moisture in the body with molecules such as proteins when these rays are absorbed into the body.
Also, far infrared ray is one type of electromagnetic waves having a wavelength of 3 to 1000 μm, and it can heat objects from the inside better than short infrared rays and medium infrared rays.
“Enseki” makes use of the characteristics of far infrared rays in order to heat the body from the inside and provide a “warmer” effect.

Far Infrared Ray Heater(ENSEKI) Far Infrared Ray Heater(ENSEKI)

Spot Cooler for North America(MOVINCOOL)

This Spot Cooler line-up for North America is designed for cooling open spaces such as offices, server rooms, warehouses, etc.
You can choose from 3 types depending on the purpose of your use.
Climate Pro K series has design features suitable for offices or server rooms.
Climate Pro X series is optimal for cooling workers and production processes.
Climate Pro D series equipped with cooling and heating functions can be used in various situations.

Spot Cooler for Use Outside Japan(MOVINCOOL) Spot Cooler for Use Outside Japan(MOVINCOOL)