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Central Air Conditioning System

Central Air Conditioner Smart・Airs (For Toyota Housing Corporation)

Creates a comfortable air environment in which you can live healthily throughout the entire year, by suppressing temperature gradients within your house in order to prevent heat shock in the winter.
Because you can separately control the temperature for each floor, you can reduce energy waste and your heating and cooling bills.

  • ◆Spring...Creates a fresh and pleasant atmosphere indoors, even when your windows are closed.
  • ◆Rainy season...Operates as a cooler and dehumidifier to remove humidity in order to provide a pleasant environment.
  • ◆Summer...Your entire house is cooled and provided a pleasant environment that allow you to sleep well, even on sultry summer nights.
  • ◆Autumn...Provides a pleasant environment in which there are few temperature gradients due to the time of day.
  • ◆Winter...You can always wake up feeling refreshed in a room where an appropriate temperature is set. Ever your shower room and restroom are kept warm, which reduces discomfort resulting from heat shock.


Central Air Conditioner Smart・Airs 2F Indoor Unit 1F Indoor Unit

Central Air Conditioner PARADIA

Having evolved from the idea of turning on the air conditioner separately for each room only when it is hot or cold, this air conditioner maintains a comfortable environment at any place inside your house, at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

<Single-phase power supply model>
  • ◆ Introduction of the VAV (Variable Air Volume System)* control
    • The air volume is changed for each area in the indoor space to attain a uniform temperature. With conventional central air conditioning systems, the temperature of rooms varied due to sunlight and other factors.
    • The temperature settings can be changed for each room depending on the preferences of the users.
    VAV control is a mechanism for regulating the air volume in order to adjust the air to the set temperature. The variable damper at the inlet of the duct (which connects to each area) is opened and closed by a servo motor to control the air that flows through the duct from the indoor units.
  • ◆ The remote controller with useful functions.
    • Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use.
    • Frequently used function icons are arranged in an easy-to-read way at the top of the menu screen.
Central Air Conditioner PARADIA Indoor Unit Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit