Frequently asked questions about central air conditioning system

The central air conditioning system does not operate.

Check the following:

  • Has a power outage occurred?
  • Has the breaker tripped?

The central air conditioning system does not cool or heat the room well.

Check the following:

  • Are the areas around the air outlets and inlets of the indoor and outdoor units blocked
  • Is the air volume set to “Low”?
  • Is the temperature setting appropriate?
  • Are any windows or doors open?
  • Is the air filter clogged?
  • Is there a heat source or something that produces steam around the remote controller?
  • Is the power turned on just after the breaker is turned on again in case of a power outage?
  • Does direct sunlight enter the room during cooling?
  • Does the air conditioning system operate in defrosting mode during heating?(The indoor unit does not operate during defrosting.)
  • Is the air conditioning system operated in Simple Eco mode?